Frenectomy Surgery in Lake Orion, MI

A frenulum is a tiny wing of tissue, and you have several of these structures in your mouth. Sometimes frenula become problematic, and then a surgery called a frenectomy is needed. In a frenectomy, the frenulum is surgically incised or cut to help relieve tension.

Common frenectomies include lingual frenectomy and labial frenectomy. In a lingual frenectomy, the frenulum beneath your tongue is incised. This frenulum runs from the underside of your tongue to the floor of your mouth. If a patient is experiencing ankyloglossia (tongue-tied), a lingual frenectomy can permit free movement of the tongue.

A labial frenectomy incises a frenulum connecting the lips and gums. This procedure is performed to allow dentures to fit properly. A labial frenectomy may also be done in some cases of gum recession and to aid in orthodontic treatment.

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