Exposure for Impacted Teeth

Orthodontic and Dental Exposures for Impacted Teeth in Lake Orion, MI

You have probably heard of impacted wisdom teeth (third molars), but did you know that there is another type of commonly impacted tooth? The upper canines, also called the cuspids or eyeteeth, are the second most often teeth. When a tooth is impacted, it does not erupt properly through the gums. Impacted teeth can cause problems ranging from your appearance to infection.

Most people’s upper canine teeth erupt at about age 13. However, if this eruption does not occur normally, we can help at Seven Oaks Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Our surgeons will perform a dental or orthodontic exposure, working together with your orthodontist if needed. An exposure procedure is typically straightforward, but it can permit the eruption of impacted teeth and prevent serious issues from occurring in the future.

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