Dental Implants

Secure, Permanent Teeth Replacement in Lake Orion, MI with Dental Implants

Now, you can have the next best option to natural teeth. Dental implants are a functional, permanent, and secure form of teeth replacement for those missing a single tooth, all their teeth, or any amount in between.

A dental implant is a titanium “screw” held secure by the bone beneath your gums. It acts as an artificial root. Once the implant has integrated with your bone, a dentist can add a permanent crown or even a set of full dentures anchored by several implants.

Dental implants give you the confidence of a complete smile. They also allow you to eat and speak without difficulties. In fact, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite foods with dental implants.

Just like natural teeth, dental implants require at-home oral care along with regular visits to your dentist for preventative care.

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