3D Cone Beam Technology

We Feature 3D Cone Beam Technology

3D Cone Beam Technology in Detroit MI area - Seven Oaks Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryMedical imaging is invaluable for diagnosing issues and planning treatments. However, conventional x-rays can only provide limited information. For many complex injuries and disease processes, our 3D imaging cone beam technology is far superior.

Like an x-ray, a scan from the cone beam 3D imager is a painless test. The machine rotates around your head, never making contact with you. The images it produces, though, are incredibly useful.

Our cone beam scanner does not simply show your teeth and facial bones. Instead, it captures an image of your entire facial structure. The detail and precision allow us to pinpoint structures and pathologies and also enables us to illustrate our treatment approaches to you.

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