Orthognathic Surgery
Better Health and Appearance - Forever!

Sometimes jaw growth happens unequally resulting in less than optimal jaw function. This can lead to crowded teeth, speaking or chewing trouble, or noticable facial asymmetry.

Orthognathic Surgery is a procedure in which facial bones are repositioned to allow proper jaw functioning and improved facial appearance.

To properly align teeth, treatment will typically involve braces. Once teeth are in a desirable position, jaw surgery will be performed. The facial bones will be shifted to achieve a more suitable anatomic position.


A combination of plates and screws will be used to stabilize the facial bones to ensure that the desired surgical result is obtained. Rubberbands or wires are used to temporarily hold the mouth stable while the bones heal. A diet of liquids and soft foods will be necessary for a little while after surgery.

Once treatment is completed, jaw function is improved as well as facial appearance and self-confidence. Speach patterns and chewing is improved, and the tooth longevity is likely increased due to lower stress from a stable bite. Best of all, with normal tooth care, these are benifits that last a lifetime.