Facial Trauma
  Facial injuries are in a critical area of the body and should never be taken lightly. Facial trauma can range from less complicated injuries, such as cuts and lacerations, to complex injuries involving broken teeth and facial fractures. In both instances it is essential to seek the expertise of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Injuries involving facial tissue may require the placement of sutures to assist with repair. Placement of these sutures must be precise in order to achieve the optimal desired cosmetic result.


Complex injuries such as fractures involving the lower and upper jaws, palate, cheekbones and eye sockets can affect sight, breathing, speech, and swallowing. These types of injuries often require more extensive treatment and may requiring hospitalization. The fractured parts of the bone must be properly aliened (reduced) and set in place long enough for the bones to repair themselves. Extensive fractures may require a combination of alignment and the use of wiring or plating techniques. Healing time may require six or more weeks depending on the patient’s age and the complexity of the fracture.


Please contact our office after a facial trauma to ensure that the optimal cosmetic and functional outcome is achieved.